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Twice a week for 3 weeks
6 - 12
Play breaks


What do your kids do to occupy themselves during break times or when friends come over? It’s often a time when snacks come out, whether they’re hungry or not. Why not encourage your children to stay active and snack less with these fun games that could help motivate them to get moving?

What you need

Tail tag: A t-shirt or napkin for each player.

Cones and domes: 40 plastic cups, 20 for each team.


How it works

Tail tag: A game of tag with a twist.

  1. Tuck a t-shirt or napkin into the back of each of the players’ waist bands. These are their ‘tails’.
  2. As all the players run around, one player needs to try to pull the napkin ‘tails’ out.
  3. The last player to keep their tail wins.

Cones and domes: Fast-moving, quick-thinking

  1. Place half of the plastic cups on the ground or on a table the right way up – these are the cones – and the other half upside down – these are the domes.
  2. Divide into two teams: cones and domes.
  3. The aim of the game is to turn the cups to match your team name within a given amount of time. So the cones will try to turn all the cups the right way up and the domes will try to turn them all to be upside down. At the end, the team with the most cups their way round wins.

To encourage these games at school break times you could print out the instructions, fold it up and put it in your child’s lunchbox.

MORE Movement Physical activity on a regular basis plays a crucial part in a healthy lifestyle. Any amount of exercise is better than none at all. And it doesn’t matter what kind it is either – running, jumping and throwing all count. Being active is not only important for children to develop their motor skills, it helps with decision-making, paying attention and teamwork. Tell me more!
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