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Episode 1: Introduction of N4HK squad

Introduction of what N4HK is about and the squad members that will be featured in each.

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Episode 2: Add a little more goodness Lunchbox

Seven colours broken down the importance of having a red, a green and a white in your child’s meal

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Episode 3: Move and get in some exercise

Different ways to make food to ensure that all the nutrients are kept

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Episode 4: More fruit and vegetables

Tackling Micronutrient Deficiencies What are they and who to make sure your family is MND safe

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Episode 5: More water

Highlighting the importance of liquids in family diet.

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Episode 6: Portion control

As the plates get bigger, caregivers feel they need to fill the plates just as much

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Episode 7: Good food for a good mood

You are what you eat Anne Marie will highlight which food gives children the right mindset

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