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Food faces- meals for preschoolers

Family Meals
Small meal
  • Easy Difficulty

  • 1 - 55 min Prep

  • 88
  • 191 kcal

A fun meal idea to help picky eaters explore food through making faces


Lets Cook

Prepare the mashed potato

  1. Peel the potato.
    Boil or steam the potato for 40 minutes until fully cooked.
    Once the potato is cooked mash it with a fork or potato masher in a bowl.
    Add the milk and butter and make sure everything is smoothly mashed together.
    Add a pinch of salt for taste.

Prepare the salad ingredients

  1. Remove 3 leaves of lettuce from the Romain lettuce head and wash in salty water.
    Cut a round slice of Cucumber in half to get two half moons.
    Cut the small tomato into round slices.
    Cut the carrot into a short chunk.

Fry the bacon

  1. Fry one strip of bacon in a pan.

Prepare the plate

  1. On a plate, put down two slices of tomato for the eyes of the face.
    Put down the carrot for the nose.
    Arrange the halfmoon cucumber slices on the sides for the ears.
    Add the lettuce leaves at the top for hair.
    Use the bacon strip to form a smile.
    Add the mashed potato below the bacon as a beard.

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