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5 reasons why drinking water is important



Some parents may find it challenging to manage the amount of food their child eats, in particular making sure their fruit and vegetable intake is proportionally larger than the foods providing carbohydrates, proteins and fat. Furthermore, the total energy intake of the amount of food may be too much, increasing the risk of overweight and obesity.

Here are five ways to maintain the correct proportion and quantity of foods:

  1. 1. By drinking enough water, the body is able to balance what is lost through urine and sweat, thereby ensuring the body’s many systems continue to function.
  2. 2. Water allows the body to maintain its core temperature. Imagine what it would feel like if your body were to just keep heating up without water to cool you down! This is particularly important for your child when they are running or playing sports.
  3. 3. Water is efficient. It does not need the digestive system to work on it for it to hydrate the body. When your child drinks plain water, it will immediately quench their thirst and immediately become available for use by their body.
  4. 4. Drinking water on a regular basis prevents your child from experiencing the uncomfortable mild signs of dehydration, such as headaches, a dry mouth, and even muscle cramps after participating in sports.
  5. 5. Consciously replacing sugar-sweetened beverages with water lowers the risk of your child becoming overweight or obese.
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